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We distribute from the highest quality thin brick manufacturers. Endicott Tile, LLC, is nationally recognized for their aesthetic beauty and their products work great with our embed systems.

  • Variety of colors including: sands, blends, ironspots and flashed.
  • Variety of textures including: smooth, smooth glazed, sand, sand heritage, velour and wirecut.
  • Keyed backing that lock into concrete increasing shear values and pullout strengths.
  • Very low water aborption.
  • Affordable

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Solocast above: Endicott coppertone-velour used with Solocast





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Buck Skin





Dark Sandstone-Wirecut

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Glacier White


Golden Buff -Smooth

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Grey Blend


Light Sandstone-Smooth


Red Blend-Velour


Rose Blend-Velour

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Snow Drift



 Iron Spots

Desert Ironspot-Smooth


Dark Ironspot-Smooth

No Photo Available

Executive Ironspot

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Medium Ironspot #46


Medium Ironspot #77- Velour

No Photo Available

Manganese Ironspot

No Photo Available

Red Ironspot




Autumn Sands- Heritage

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Brown Sands


Burgundy Sands

Desert Sands


Grey Sands


Merlot Sands-Heritage

Orleans Sands-Heritage


Sahara Sands



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