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Our Part to Take Care of the Environment

Why use embed thin brick systems over hand laid conventional brick?

  • Thin bricks use 1/5 of the earths materials to produce.
  • Thin bricks use 1/5 of gas to fire the kilns.
  • Thin bricks use 1/5 of gas to transport to the jobsite.
  • Less jobsite disturbance with no scaffolding, sand piles, mixers etc...

How we at Advanced Formliners LLC do our part?

  • We manufacture Solocast with 100% recycled content from non-virgin scrap.
  • We recycle our plastic scraps.
  • We try to use electronic mail as much as possible.
  • Our sales operates from home offices which eliminates a drive to work and office energy costs.
  • We strive to reduce energy costs and waste in our manufacturing methods of plastics and urethanes.
  • We ship our products in unprinted boxes made from 100% recycled paper.
  • We use recycled pallets.
  • We are in constant RND for new eco-freindly materials.





1)MR Credit 5: Regional Materials: 1-2 points

Though our raw material vendor converts regind material into sheets here in Wisconsin, it is hard to tell where the recycled plastic is extracted from the earth because 100% of it has been collected from various companies who recycled the arleady used plastic. The plastic is then melted back into sheets to make our Solocast product.

If a minimum of 10% of the product cost is derived from materials manufactured within 500 miles, then 1 LEED point will be awarded.

If a minimum of 20% of the product cost is derived from materials manufactured within 500 miles, then 1.5 LEED points will be rewarded.

We manufacture and warehouse in Onalaska, Wisconsin. A 500 mile radius would cover precast plants and projects out to Grand Forks, ND; Sioux Falls, SD; Lincoln, NE; Kansas City, KS; St. Louis, MO; Indianapolis, IN and Detroit, MI. Inside this radius also includes major cities such as Chicago, IL; Milwaukee, WI and Minneapolis, MN.

2)ID Credit 1: Innovation in Design 1-5 Points

Qualifying points for embed system form liner and thin brick is based on the fact that thin brick is 1/5 of the material per thin brick when compared to regular brick and the embed form liner is the aid for embedding it into concrete.

Points should be rewarded in accordance to the percentage of the building that is made with the thin brick system.

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