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We distribute from the highest quality thin brick manufacturers. Summitville thin brick is made from select clays and shale chosen for their relative purity, fired strength and proven service characteristics. Their products work great with our embed systems.

  • Colors Include: Single tone and Landmark Series. Dark flashed, light flashed, vintage flashed and mixed blends are custom and available through special order.


  • Scored backing that helps lock into concrete.
  • Very low water aborption.
  • Tight Tolerances.

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Solocast above: Summitville used with Solocast


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 Single Tone Colors

10 Summitville Red

Range of deep red shades



14 Alexandria

Range of medium red shades


95 New Bedford

Range of warm red shades

16 Plymouth

Range of medium rust brown shades


17 Yorktown

Range of red tan shades


15 Providence

Range of red brown shades

94 Colony

Range of light tan shades


96 Williamstown

Range of medium tan shades


19 New Amsterdam

Range of light brown shades


26 Savannah

Range of light buff shades


97 Valley Forge

Range of deep warm brown shades


.24 Boston

Range of dark gray shades


21 Raleigh

Range of light tan gray shades


27 Georgtown

Range of light tan buff shades



 Landmark Series

01006 Olde Salem

A red bodied range with a subtle iron fired flash


01024 Fredericktown

A red bodied range with a medium gun metal flash


01009 Elkton

A red bodied range with a medium flash

01034 Hanover

A red bodied range with a medium to dark flash


01012 Dungannon

A red bodied range with a subtle light flash